Is there a baby shower coming soon, and you have no clue about which baby clothes to shop for? Yes, you want to be thoughtful and pick only those that the parents-to-be will truly appreciate. You also don’t want to gift someone with baby clothes that won’t be comfortable for the baby or will be a waste of money. 

If this is you, then worry not! This article will give you useful ideas and insights when it comes to selecting baby clothes as baby shower gifts

How to Pick Baby Clothes that Parents-to-Be Will Love 

You want to give out the best baby shower gift that will be remembered. Indeed, you don’t want to appear like everyone else or just bought for the sake of buying. Accordingly, here are some useful tips to help you when you are making your selection. 

Use the Gift Registry 

Many couples have a wish-list of the items they would love for their upcoming baby shower. This is a good starting point. Since you are interested in baby clothes, note down the type they might be looking for. Sadly, not all parents make such lists. In this case, you can work with family and close friends to find out what the couple might need. 


Undoubtedly, most people who will come to the baby shower will carry newborn sizes. You want to appear unique and thoughtful. In this case, consider bringing 3 to 9-month-old baby clothes. Once the baby starts growing – in which case they do during the first months – your gift will become useful when the newborn clothes are being discarded. 

Also, some babies are born too big and might not fit in newborn clothes. Remember, it is better for baby to have sagging clothes that to barely fit in a small outfit. 


Most couples nowadays take tests to determine the sex of their unborn. This information might be helpful before you head to the shop. For instance, kittens and butterfly designs are appropriate for girls, while fire trucks and football prints will appeal more to boys. In the event you don’t have much information, try gender-neutral patterns and colors. 


It is important to do season-appropriate clothing. Ensure you get information on the period that the baby will be born. If it is during winter, definitely, warm clothing will be the best to choose. On the other hand, summer babies might require items such as sunhats and light clothing

However, you can buy all-weather clothing if you are unsure. In case you are buying larger sizes, try and consider what age the child will be during a particular season and buy clothing for that season. 


While most people are carried away by how cute baby clothes are, it is important to remember that you need to shop for clothes that will fit the infant. If you are torn between a beautiful design that might just fit the baby and one that is not as appealing but is the right size, pick the latter. Indeed, what matters is protecting the baby from the elements of weather and not the aesthetics. 

Besides, you should pick baby clothes that come with velcro over buttons. In fact, sleep deprivation in babies can make buttons so much of a nightmare. 

Handmade Clothes 

Without a doubt, baby clothes that have been knit or sewn at home are priceless. In fact, not many people coming to the baby shower will have such. Thus, if you can knit or sew, try to consider hats, socks, or mittens for the baby. 


Many newborns are born with sensitive skin. Unfortunately, at first, you might only be concerned with how cute the designs should be and fail to check what fabric they are made of. Hence, before you head to the nearest baby shop, it is imperative to know which fabrics are good for an infant’s skin. 

Nylon and polyester, for instance, are known to cause skin sensitivity due to their inability to absorb moisture and regulate temperature. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is a good option since it is soft and absorbent. Besides, silky fabrics, azlon from soy, and rayon from bamboo are made from natural resources with good properties that make them a good fit. To add, avoid bright colors since they come with fluorescent agents. 


True, cost also matters. It is obvious that cheap-priced baby clothes may not last that long due to poor quality. Ensure that you visit baby shops known for selling high-quality items. Such clothes will last longer and give the parents-to-be peace of mind, as well as save them costs. In turn, they will have money to attend to the baby in other special ways. 


Every year, thousands, if not millions of baby clothes, are recalled due to safety issues. Unfortunately, when many people are buying baby clothes, they may not factor-in safety and thus, end up buying items that might harm newborns. 

Ensure that you avoid baby clothes with hooks, flowers, buttons, and bows since they are choking hazards. If you insist that a piece should have such decorations, then they should be firmly attached. Additionally, don’t buy those with waistbands and drawstrings since they are strangulation hazards. 

When buying sleepwear, pick snug-fitting outfits to protect the baby from burns. Also, choose chemically-treated flame-resistant fabrics. Especially, this applies to babies who are six months and above as this is the time they are most mobile. Indeed, this is applicable when buying larger clothes, as discussed in this post. 

Avoid Designer Baby Clothes 

Despite the fact that parents of the upcoming newborn may want their baby to rock designer wear, it is not always a good idea. In fact, manufacturers know this too well and will produce many enticing designs. 

Since newborns grow so fast, soon those designer clothes will go to waste. Considering how expensive they are, it is like throwing money out the window. Instead, look for other classy designs that are not that expensive. Designer wear can be worn later when the baby can fit in them much longer. 

Baby Clothes to Buy 

Now that you have an idea of what to buy, it is time to head to the baby shop. Below are some types of baby clothes that we recommend as baby shower gifts. 


These are also known as onesies. These are must for a newborn’s wardrobe. Choose the ones with envelope-style necks – flaps on the shoulders that help in removal of the bodysuit over the torso and not over the head. 


They are also called bubble or one-piece. It is a top and bottom combined and usually comes with snaps at the bottom for an easier diaper change. Rompers are ideal since they mean that a baby can wear fewer pieces of clothing. 

Kimono Tops 

These are loose t-shirts that come with side ties or snaps and help to minimize contact with the newborn baby’s umbilical cord. They are also good since they are designed not to be pulled over the head, which can be quite discomforting for an infant. 



Beanie Hats 

Newborns get cold so easily. That is the reason they are dressed in hats immediately after delivery to help in regulating body temperature. As the baby grows, you might think that hats are only necessary during winter, but this is not the case. Even during summer, they can still get cold. 

Beanie hats are good for babies since they are easy to carry, and you can pop one out in case there is a drastic change in weather. 

Baby Socks 

Similar to beanie hats, baby socks help to regulate a newborn’s temperature by keeping the feet warm. Since they are known to kick socks off, shop for those with sturdy elastic tops but not too tight. Also, buy several pairs of the same color or pattern so that it is easy to replace one if it gets lost. 


This is a one-piece pajama, also known as a footie. It is similar to a romper but has a long foot-covered pant attached to it. It is good for keeping a baby warm without too much clothing and makes diaper changes easy. It is also comfortable during playtime. 


These are also known as diaper covers. They are good, especially when you want to hide a baby’s diapers while playing. They can be worn with a kimono top or bodysuit during cold weather or on their own during hot weather. 

Final Thoughts 

We all love gifts and baby clothes during baby showers are much-welcomed presents. In fact, they will help the parents-to-be not to spend too much as they prepare for delivery. However, a unique gift during baby showers serves the whole purpose of organizing such events. 

Feel free to be creative as you come up with ideas on which baby clothes you can buy. Again, only buy from a reputed baby shop that will have a wide variety of high-quality baby clothes that will address your needs.

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