A Way to Make First Dates More Adventurous

Dating today can be hard. With apps becoming the primary way of meeting new people, we have no idea what to expect and the whole process can get boring and repetitive. The classic movie and diner date are so overdone at this point that if you’re currently actively seeking a partner, chances are you’ve seen every new release of the year at least three times over. This lack of novelty can easily discourage us from further dates and have us lose hope in even trying. If you’re looking to switch things up and make dating more enjoyable, here are a few first date ideas that might help you out.

Win Cash at a Casino

The popularity of casinos has been on the rise ever since online casinos stepped up their game. While these websites have always done pretty well on the internet, the introduction of interesting features such as Live Casino lounges and a plethora of new action-packed slots has reinvigorated people’s interest in games of luck. With online casinos currently popping off, there’s never been a better time to get yourself familiar with the ins and outs of a casino.

Once you get to know what you can expect, heading to a traditional casino can be a very fun experience. What better way to break the cycle of boring dinner dates than heading to a place that’s filled with a massive selection of fun games that you and your date can get excited about. The high-energy atmosphere most casinos have is always a plus, and you and your date can bond over your hopeful attempts to hit a jackpot!

Get Your Fortune Read

It seems that a lot of traditionally offline businesses have been making a strong comeback in the online world. Another thing that’s seen a lot of action online is fortune-telling. The mystic arts have always been of interest to many people, and whether you believe in them or not, no one can deny that they can be a ton of fun. Their newfound internet popularity seems to have brought up the classic pop-up fortune-telling trailers with them, so why not go see one as part of a date?

You and your date can both take turns getting your fortunes read and find out whether there’s something there worth pursuing. The cards may reveal some surprising answers that you can later discuss over a beer and some cheap food-truck treats. In any case, if you both take the reading light-heartedly, you’re sure to end up with a lot of things to talk and laugh over later on in the evening.

Showcase Your Singing Talent

Finding a way to meet new people can be tough, but what’s often tougher is letting yourself be vulnerable and open around them. We all know how awkward and uncomfortable first dates can be, and one way of possibly dissolving some of that tension is by letting go and doing something outrageous right from the start. This is where our next suggestion comes in- visiting a karaoke bar.

You might be thinking that’s a bit too much for a first date, but that’s the point. Whether you’ve got an amazing voice or sound like a creaky door, starting the night off with a show-stopping performance is a great way to break the ice and do something often considered quite personal from the get-go. Letting go like this should make it much easier for the conversation between you and your date to flow and give you a chance to start the potential relationship off with a bang.

Visit a Board Game Café

If you’re looking to switch things up but still stay within the realm of “tame” things to do, then going for a spiced-up version of a classic could do you some good. This is where board game cafes come to the rescue. Coffee dates are quite common nowadays, but adding the element of some friendly competition into the mix is sure to give your first date a bit of a boost.

Board Game Cafes are quite common, so finding one in your area shouldn’t be too much trouble. These places often carry the classics like Monopoly and Clue but are also stocked with some other popular options that you might want to try. Show off your competitive side to your new potential partner but be careful not to let things get too heated.




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