Consumerism vs. Creativity: Good Topic to Research

Consumerism has made current generations complacent. We can go to any store and get everything we can imagine in the blink of an eye. Among one of the saddest effects of consumerism is that it has killed the thirst for creativity and creation in us. Why create anything if you can buy anything? We are following the simple path of exchanging money for products instead of creating something unique.

Creativity and the Effects of Consumerism

Students today have grown up in a world where to buy things is the standard rule. If you want to understand consumerism and its impact on human creativity, this can be a great research topic for your next paper. You can find online to get more information. By reading a good example, you will gain some key insights to focus on in your research and to understand the difference between consumerism and creativity.

What is Consumerism?

Consumerism articles define this concept as a social and economic trend that encourages people to purchase as many goods and services as possible. With the expansion of mass production, society has reached the stage of overproduction, where we produce more than we need. This has led companies to use marketing and advertising to convince people to buy more and more, by seducing them with false needs.

Because of overproduction, the general opinion in society is that we have more than enough things and that we don’t need to create anything new or original anymore. Why build or create something beautiful or original when you can find a cheap version in your local store or on the Internet? Thus, looking at the consumerism definition us history provides, we understand that this trend discourages creativity and originality unless it’s something that can be mass-produced cheaply.

Good Consumerism Topics: Creativity

After defining what is consumerism, it’s evident that this is a topic with many ramifications. If you want to write a consumerism essay, analyze your own shopping and consumption habits to determine how it affects your life. You can also read consumerism articles and underline the most common concepts and ideas related to this subject.

The Trap of Shopping

The effects of consumerism on creativity start from the fact that whenever we want to start a new creative hobby, we fall into the trap of comparison shopping. If you want to start doing photography, you might spend hours upon hours researching cameras and lenses, reading reviews, or comparing online and offline offers in stores.

If you want to write a novel, society tells you that a pen and paper are not enough. You need to pay for a writing software or an editing tool, so you spend hours choosing the best purchases within your budget instead of writing. These examples show that one of the most severe effects of consumerism is the analysis-paralysis phase, where we focus so much on buying things that we forget we don’t need them in the first place.

Consumerism is a Distraction

An overview of consumerism definition us history shows us that overproduction leads to a constantly-growing accumulation of things, not all of which are necessary or essential. When it comes to our impulse for creativity, shopping is the biggest distraction. Surrounded by things and pressured to make money and buy more things, people push their creative projects aside. Reading reviews, analyzing shopping options, and purchasing things are activities that consume a lot of our time and energy with little reward.

Consumers versus Creators

When reading consumerism articles, one thing that strikes us is how companies and businesses pressure people to identify themselves as consumers. People are taught to believe their role in society is to make money so they can become obedient consumers. With this common mentality, it’s no wonder that few people can think of themselves as creators and find the time to engage with their creativity.

One of the worst things about consumerism is that it is addictive. People have an innate desire to explore and discover new things. These days, instead of exploring and discovering new ideas, they explore shop offers and discover new things or products to buy.

In a twisted way, consumerism provides us with the same mental rewards we used to get from creative work. However, these rewards have a short-term impact, which means they satisfy short-period needs. After that, we seek new things to buy to get the same feeling. This creates a vicious circle of needless consumption.


What is consumerism in relation to creativity? The answer is complex, but all things indicate that it’s harmful to our creativity in many ways. What consumerism definition us history does not tell us is that overabundance is not always good for us. Our brains love challenges and love to improvise, but a consumerist society doesn’t give us the chance to exercise our creative skills.

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