Flour Sack Towels: A Beautiful Addition To Any Kitchen

What is a flour sack towel?

The flour sack towel starts its illustrious history off across the pond in England as tea became more than a pastime but a national institution. During the reign of Queen Victory in the 1800s many changes came to the manor houses in England. Order and prim and proper ceremonies instilled a sense of dignity into daily activities. Teatime became high tea. Instead of just serving an afternoon snack, high tea was a moment of class when the best china was used. To pair with the classiness of the affair, the tea and tea biscuits needed a napkin that was just as refined. The tea towel evolved into a fine linen napkin that was often embroidered with classical designs and elevated to a higher level. However, this was only the start of the journey. 

Back in the colonies of the Americas the merchants were moving away from storing kitchen food goods in barrels and wanted to use sacks instead. The fine thread and tight weave of the tea towels worked perfectly as a substitute for the bulky and awkward barrels. So, flour sacks made of the tea towels began appearing. And true to their British heritage the flour sacks also came detailed with exquisite artistry on the sides to give uniqueness and recognition to the consumers. It wasn’t until the 1940’s when plastic began taking over that the flour sack lost its popularity.

What are flour sack towels made of?

The flour sack towel still retains many of its original roots but is built for the modern kitchen and multi-purpose use. It is the thickest flour sack towel on the market and is able to withstand the roughest use while remaining soft and absorbent for delicate projects. Each flour sack towel is made from 100% high quality, premium unbleached cotton and measures 27 x 27 inches. There is a hanging loop sewn into one of the corners for easy hanging for storage or drying off after washing or using on a wet surface. They are lint free and can be machine-washed and dried. They come pre-washed to ensure their size from shrinkage and quality of cotton. The flour sack towels come in either bleached or unbleached off-white for a more ‘vintage’ look. There are colors available as well. A smaller napkin size is available that is 12 x 12 inches. Currently the additional colors are grey, black, red, and blue.

What are the uses of a flour sack towel?

Flour sack towels can be used for any purpose in the home, office, or even workspace. Their soft and absorbent qualities make them an excellent choice for polishing. So, you could use them to polish brass, your car, or your windows. They are lint free and won’t leave any streaks behind after wiping a surface clean. They are great for general use in the kitchen or bathroom as a general surface wiper and cleaning towel. They are sturdy and tough enough to be used with lots of elbow grease and hold up over time. Here are a few great examples of uses:

  • Cleaning: Use to clean up spills, dust, dirt, and grime all over the house

  • Cooking: Wipe up oil, spills, and use as a heating pad or polishing cloth

  • Crafting: The fine thread and quality cotton is great for embroidery projects

  • Serving: They make great makeshift placemats and serving covers for bread

  • Baby & Toddlers: Carry them around for wiping down dirt kids

  • Household Chores: Easy to use on tough spots, dirty windows, and polishing metals

Can flour sack towels be customized?

Flour sack towels can easily be customized by you at your leisure or purchased with customizations already done. There are two versions of flour sack towel printing. You can have a customized screen printing job done on your entire order or have a customized digital printing job done on your entire order. Both are entirely customizable and are fully professional and of the highest quality not meant to take away from the integrity and quality of the towels.

Do you have other products made from the same material?

Yes, please visit https://www.floursacktowels.com/ for a list of all of the available products. Currently we offer flour sack towels, napkins, aprons, and pillowcases. Each can be delivered in bulk with bulk order discounts. Everything can be customized. However, not all customizing comes with a bulk discount due to the required process. Both the pillowcases and the aprons come in two different styles fit for every need and purpose.

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