Best of Charlotte 2010

To state that the past 12 or so months have been exciting times for Creative Loafing is to put it mildly. Between new ownership, new hires and a new redesign (introduced last issue), the ride has been as wild as any offered by the roller coasters at Carowinds. Yet no matter what happens behind the scenes or within our pages, local readers can rest assured that the annual Best of Charlotte issue will remain a CL cornerstone until the end of time.

Welcome, then, to the 23rd annual BOC edition, in which, as always, the critics and the readers offer their picks on the best -  and, in some cases, the worst -  that the city has to offer.

As always, this issue wouldn't be possible without the combined efforts of various people: the critics, vote tabulators, sales people, designers, writers, photographers, editors, bean counters and distributors.

We'd also like to thank comedian Johnny Millwater for standing in to model all the aspects of this issue.

But most of all, we'd like to thank the readers, without whom none of this would be possible.

Critics' Panel / Copywriters: Matt Brunson, Rhiannon Bowman, Nsenga Burton, Brittney Cason, Tricia Childress, Mary Curtis, Lynn Farris, John Grooms, Jeff Hahne, Carlton Hargro, Cheris Hodges, Manoj Kesavan, Kimberly Lawson, Scott Lucas, Mike McCray, Anita Overcash, Barbara Schreiber, Samir Shukla, Perry Tannenbaum, Priscilla Tsai.

Editorial Assistants / Copywriters: Laura Camilo, Victoria Creasy, Alexis Greene, John Fraser, Chris Triplett.

Photography: Ngozi Fuller, Ashley Goodwin, Angus Lamond.

Section Lead Photos: Jasiatic.

Model: Comedian Johnny Millwater.

Design: Creative Director Valery Lovely.

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