Best Music Event of Past 12 Months

Rolling Stones @ Bobcats Arena

Staff Pick

When it looked like U2 was going to be the first rock band to play at our swanky new downtown arena, we thought, OK, that’s pretty cool. But when it was later announced that the friggin' Rolling Stones, the granddaddy of rock bands (except to you Beatles fans, of course), would be the ones to offer satisfaction (and “Satisfaction”), we let out a rebel yell, pumped our fists in the air and flashed our tits like we were rootin' for Dale Jr. at the Coca-Cola 600. Yes, it cost nearly both arms and both legs to get a ticket to the show, but we’re hear to tell ya this: The energy and vibe present during that most memorable night in October 2005 was more than just cool; it was amazing ... and it spanned generations. Parents brought their kids, and the kids, in turn, got to watch their parents relive their adolescence by shaking their hips and singing along to the songs they grew up with. This event stands as the best move Bobcat Johnson & Company have made thus far at the new arena.

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