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There comes a point — it’s called adulthood — when you realize you need a more nutritious breakfast than Pop-Tarts. Around the same time, you similarly find yourself aching for something beyond the typical morning radio sidekick shows. Thank heavens for National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, which provides the latest news updates each half-hour (with local news inserts from WFAE), as well as in-depth reporting on events from around the world. During the drive home, NPR’s All Things Considered brings listeners up to speed on the events of the day, combined with well-researched, well-written stories featuring, well, just about anything interesting or unusual. Consider yourself nourished. Bonus: If you’re one of those people who start their weekends after lunch on Friday, then “drive time” includes Talk of the Nation: Science Friday, quite possibly the coolest, geekiest program ever.

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