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Morrison Family YMCA at Ballantyne

Staff Pick

With 40,000 square feet, this YMCA branch is larger than some big-box retail stores, but with much more happening. Yeah, it has all the usual cardio equipment, but you’ll also find special programs such as QuickFit and Buddy-Up to make fitness fun. (We love love love the “retro games” day idea — dodgeball, here we come!) This Y takes the “family” part of its name seriously, too. There’s a children’s program area, a kids’ climbing wall, and — the main reason for its selection — a water-you-waiting-for outdoor water park complete with triple flume slides and an interactive spray zone. Only debit: Because it’s in Bush-lovin’ Ballantyne, many of the TV sets in the treadmill area are set on Fox — it’s hard to work out while simultaneously gagging over the sight of Bill O’Reilly.

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