Comparing camps: Occupy Baltimore and Occupy Charlotte



Keeping with CL's quest to bring you voices from the occupation (and compare camps around the country), here's Nigel from Occupy Baltimore, which got kicked to the curb by city officials earlier this week. The 25-year-old former call center employee (who says his job was shipped overseas) visited Occupy Charlotte in early December.

In this video, Nigel describes some differences between the camps ("everything is bigger in Baltimore"), some rumors he's heard about FBI involvement in the Occupy movement (expect them), and explains why he decided to visit Charlotte's occupation ("I heard what Charlotte did in terms of Occupy Bank of America..."). He also talks about how the Occupy and Tea Party movements are similar.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the mayor of Baltimore, said Occupy Baltimore's eviction earlier this week was handled in "a respectful way,"

But some involved with the protest said they were disappointed the city had used police clad in riot gear to move the group from McKeldin Square during the early morning hours.

Iris Kirsch, 30, who said she was an English teacher in Baltimore schools, was holding up a hand-made sign to Pratt Street traffic that read: RIOT COPS? REALLY?

Asked whether the eviction was handled respectfully, she said, "The words were polite, but the 70s riot gear belied the politeness."

Leo Zimmerman added, "I'm kind of irritated but I'm not that surprised, given the pattern we have seen in other cities. I had hoped Baltimore would be different because this city is dispossessed from the national system, from the bottom to the top. … It's a bummer that they did things this way, with the riot police."

Read the rest of the article, by Justin Fenton and Peter Hermann, here.

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