Occupy Charlotte: We got 'Dirt' on 'Blackout Friday'



In keeping with our efforts at Creative Loading to bring you authentic Charlotte voices — see John Grooms' challenge to journalists and my ongoing video series and CLog posts featuring voices from inside the Occupy Charlotte movement — here's Jason ("Dirt") Bargert on why Occupy Charlotte is asking people to participate in "Blackout Friday" instead of shopping this holiday weekend.

Bargert, co-owner of VisArt on East Seventh Street, isn't saying people should stay home. Neither is he suggesting folks should miss out on the crowds at the after-Thanksgiving sales. He's just asking people not to spend money; instead of buying, Bargert suggests, go to the mall and be a witness instead.

"The economy doesn't need a boost from Black Friday," Bargert says. "It needs a boost from proper economic policy."

This Friday, as Bargert says in the video below, people can participate in an act that's "symbolic of the beginning of changing our lifestyles and ending over-consumption. We're trying to encourage people to step away from consumer culture."

Photo credit for story image: http://www.buzzreactor.com

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