Occupy Charlotte: CL's coverage recap


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As promised in an earlier post, CL is bringing you voices from the occupation of Charlotte — individual participants, in their own words, talking about why they joined the local Occupy movement.

We asked each person the same three questions: Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here?

Here's a list of the voices we've collected so far, with more to come:
Rederanged: "I'm tired of not being able to find work."
Dom and Jacob: "I'm here to help fight for the democracy."
Matthew: "Corporate America has really gone to the shits."
Joseph: "We have so much ability to provide."
JusCaus (aka J.C.) "Getting money out of politics."
A song called "Dick" from local musicians
Cole: "He got laid off ... had to declare bankruptcy"
Tiger: "We need clean air; we need it now."
David: "Something needs to be done."
Deacon Don: "There's been an injustice."
Steve: "Silence is consent."
Voices from students at OccupyUNCC

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