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Muslim in Charlotte: Duston Barto

Just an everyday fanboy



Muslim in Charlotte: Duston Barto from Creative Loafing on Vimeo.

After serving a long tenure as editor of Muslim American magazine in Charlotte, Duston Barto decided he wanted to go into business for himself. He turned his passion for anime into a gift shop for rare trinkets in Maiden called Kitty in a Box.

Duston Barto. (Photo by Lara Americo)
  • Duston Barto. (Photo by Lara Americo)

"Christians and Muslims have a long history of coexistence. During the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them, Christians were in the society. And Christians were able to live according to their rules and according to their laws in Muslim societies throughout history. The only difference between Muslims and Christians is on the subject of Jesus, and that shouldn’t be something that we have to fight each other over."