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Lust List 2014: Quinn



Age: 28

Job: Zen-sual yoga teacher

Go-to Pickup Line: None. Doesn't need them!

Quinn describes herself as athletic first and foremost — most of her life has revolved around her love for being active, first with soccer, and since 2007, her passion for yoga. "I fell in love with yoga during my first class," she explains. Now the proprietor of Arrichion Yoga in South End, with ancillary locations in Raleigh and Durham, she spreads that love and gets delightfully sweaty with strangers every day. When asked if she considered herself sexy, she says yes. "Strong is sexy. Being strong, confident and independent is what I look for in men as well." She says that if she didn't own the studio, it is where she would solicit dates because it tends to draw a lot of like-minded individuals.

Truth or Dare?


Describe to me your pose if you were to grace the cover of Playboy.

I would do standing bow or downward dog.

Scandalous. I wonder how many non-yogi readers are going to Google those poses after reading this to see what you're talking about?

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