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Lust List 2014: Petro



Age: 28

Job: Blindingly beautiful body sage

Go-to Pickup Line: None. Our suggestion: "Hey, want to work out?"

Born in Ukraine, Petro and all of his man beauty moved to the U.S. when he was 16. At the time, he spoke very little English and was told that he likely would not graduate high school. Egg on faces, he did, and went on to become a huge success in the world of finance. "I was great at what I did, but I wanted to do something meaningful that helped people," Petro says. This was the catalyst for building his personal brand and fitness company, Petro Martynyuk Fitness. In addition to hosting holistic wellness retreats in Costa Rica and crushing on Ryan Gosling — we won't tell Petro's partner about that, though — he enjoys running in Freedom Park. His spirited response to being asked if he considers himself sexy? "Um, I don't want to sound like an arrogant fuck. I consider myself fortunate — most days I am very happy with myself."

Truth or Dare?


What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on a date?

My pants split. There was no gracious way of handling that — I just called it an evening and went home.

Valentine's Day Word Association

Tell us the first word that pops into your head after you hear these Valentine's Day terms.








Petro: Intimacy

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