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Lust List 2014: Olivia



Age: 25

Job: Fiery fundraiser for a worthy cause

Go-to Pickup Line: None. "I just give that look."

This South Carolina girl certainly is spunky. A fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, one might expect a conservative ingénue. Instead, we encounter a vixen in a wee bandage dress. When asked if she thinks she is sexy, Olivia abruptly responds, "No, not whatsoever. If you followed me in my everyday life, you would understand." She describes how she moon walks in the office to entertain co-workers. One of her favorite places to meet men is Blackfinn. She is admittedly picky, but can be most easily wooed by a repertoire of good jokes. Being relatively new to the Charlotte area, Olivia is still figuring out where to go to be seen, but a true Southern belle, she says, "I like casual bars, but I do not wear jeans out. ... You have to look nice!"

Truth or Dare?


What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on a date?

I fell in front of my date and a lot of people once. I was over-served, there was a step ... and I missed that step.

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Olivia: Sensual

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