Meet Charlotte's Next Superstars

Cover Story

As you peruse all the categories in the 2017 Best of Charlotte (by clicking on to the section buttons above), keep this in mind: There's a reason we chose Game of Thrones as our theme. It's because we see a culturally diverse world in moral conflict, with millennials reaching for the helm of leadership and faced with some serious moral dilemmas. We think young Charlotteans of all shapes, sizes, races and genders are not just up for the challenge, but they're prepared to begin setting things right in 2018. So enjoy this issue, but first let us give a few shout-outs to all the staffers and freelancers who helped put this monster of an issue together:

* Best blurb writers: Allison Braden, Mark Kemp, Kia O. Moore, Pat Moran, Ryan Pitkin, Grey Revell, Aerin Spruill, Perry Tannenbaum and Erin Tracy-Blackwood.

* Best co-editors: Mark Kemp and Ryan Pitkin

* Best sales team: Candice Andrews, Pat Moran, Melissa Rustemov, Aaron Stamey

* Best designer: Dana Vindigni (who probably worked harder than anybody else on this issue)

* Best photographer: Justin Driscoll

* Best models: Teresa Hernandez and Osiris Rain

* Best behind-the-scenes folks: our printers, distributors and web gurus.

* Best overall: You, our readers and users, who voted for what you think is best about Charlotte and continue to support Creative Loafing — 30 years and counting.