Two perfect days in British Columbia



You know how sometimes you get sick of seeing your regular trees and want to go experience some of the world's most amazing ones that everyone's been talking about? Yeah ...

British Columbia, Canada, is a vibrant region. Victoria is a city with some amazing street artists. The usual hustle and bustle of a city is surrounded by some seriously astounding beauty, accentuated by the friendly buds. There's so much to do. Two days isn't enough time, but here's what to do when you find yourself in BC with nothing but time to kill:

Day 1
* Take the Victoria Clipper from Seattle then two hours later, arrive on Victoria Island, BC where the laws are different.
Cost: ~$50-ish
Why: It's freezing ass cold on the clipper, but with humpback whales to scout out, and water like glass to gaze into, you forget you can't feel your fingers.

* Take in some art
Cost: FREE
Why: It's good for you.

* Stop by a pumpkin patch
Cost: FREE
Why: Just because - and because supporting local growers is important.

Day 2:
* Take the BC ferry through Active Pass and on to Galiano Island:
Cost: ~$11.45 CAD
Why: Have you ever watched the show Planet Earth and thought to yourself, "I would do anything to see such stunning sights like that..."? You get this feeling here on the ferry. It's breathtaking.

* Gasp in awe at The Bluffs
Cost: FREE
Why: How could you not?

BRB. I need to lay down.

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