Avett Brothers address the New Year's Eve ball drop



They didn't mention it while on stage, but Concord's Avett Brothers have finally taken to Facebook to address the mirror ball in the room, so to speak. In regards to the massive disco ball that crashed through the stage shortly before the band took the stage on New Year's Eve at Charlotte's Time Warner Cable Arena, the band posted the following:

We would like to take a moment to address the mirror ball incident that took place at Charlotte's Time Warner Cable Arena during our New Year's Eve show.

First and foremost, we are so thankful that no one was injured; safety is paramount for our fans, stagehands, and crew members. Please know that we would never put anyone in harm's way - no mirror balls were hung above the audience for this very reason. We took every precaution, double and triple checking everything that we could. Our production staff has hired independent engineering firm Clark-Reder Engineering to investigate this incident extensively and we will keep you informed of the results. Thank you for your patience as we strive to get as many answers as possible.