The best place to go for relationship advice: Your stomach



When it comes to a woman's love life, oftentimes her guiding counsel are her girlfriends. "What do you think I should do?" ... "What does that mean?" ... "Do you think he meant X when he did Z?" ... we ask each other as though we're male, therapists and fortune tellers. Some girls I know have to consult their three best friends before replying to a text message.

Friends can offer solid advice —  but the one thing that will never steer you wrong is your gut.


I'm not talking about the growling in your stomach telling you that you're hungry and forgot to eat breakfast. I'm referring to your intuition.

Your head tends to over-rationalize things and debate with itself. Your heart can be naive, fragile and make excuses. And your friends can be biased toward you, offering only one-sided advice ... not to mention they too are female with about as much insight into the male mind as you have. Your gut is always right. Because it offers not a thought, but a feeling.

Try and silence your head so you can hear your intuition talking to you through your stomach. I promise you'll make better decisions. Now, if only our heart had a brain, then we'd be set.

This is true about every aspect of life. If your stomach is telling you not to walk down that dark street alone, you should consider a different route. If your stomach is telling you not to do something that your mind is doing on auto pilot, listen to your stomach, and react accordingly. It's almost as though your stomach has psychic abilities. Use that gut feeling as your guiding light.

If this were a musical, this is where we'd all break out into song and dance to Jewel's "Intuition" ... Let go of your mind, Your Intuition, It will lead you in the right direction, Yeahhhh Oooohh Ooooh Intuition.

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