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In the aftermath of my love quest for Brittney, I was beginning to feel a little discouraged. The only connection I was finding through online dating was to the Internet. My roommate, on the other hand, who felt inspired by my match-making, has found success via this dating tool and refers to as online shopping for women.

In his words: “No thanks, I’m just browsing.”

Ready to send up the white flag, I began scanning the site for success stories for inspiration. While seeking out these “true love” accounts, I stumbled across the official blog. As a blogger myself, I felt it my duty is explore. Unfortunately, this reading material didn’t leave me with any sort of redemption of faith for Match’s match-making abilities.

Exhibit A:


This blog post includes actual percentages of women’s expectations from a guy financially on their first date. It also breaks down percentages of what single people expect and how women and singles react to finances on the initial date. The post goes as far as to say that “50% of women think it would be OK for their date to pay with a coupon.”

Has dating become such a game of numbers that as a woman, I’ve become a statistic? Since when has dating become a business transaction?

And if this statistic is correct, “51% of women would be impacted by financial generosity, be it tipping or donating.” So are you telling me that 49 percent of women polled would be cool with a guy who failed to tip their server or bartender? You’ve got to be kidding me. Is the recession the villain responsible for the death of chivalry?

Wait, isn’t finished. Now we’re discussing tax returns and how single people use them. Maybe these aren’t the people to trust Brittney’s love life with after all …

— Jordan Bullington


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