Bad pick-up lines, and even worse responses



The only thing worse than bad pick-up lines are my responses to them.

Dude: We should chill sometime.

Me: How does one chill? Do you want to hang out in a walk-in fridge or something?

Dude: Can I text you sometime?

Me: Whatever happened to talking? Like back in school when you use to say you were "talking" to someone. No one talks anymore.

Dude: If you were a booger, I'd pick you.

Me: Oh, do I have a booger? (lean head back) How's the weather — sunny, or cloudy?

Dude (with Coolio): That's my future baby mama! (pointing at me)

Me: Did you just call dibs on my uterus?

Dude: I saw you on Facebook.

Me: And I think I saw you on America's Most Wanted!

... and that is why I'm single.

What are some of the worst pick-up lines (or responses to them) you've heard?

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