St. John, Antigua and ... an active volcano?


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Ah, the West Indies. A place of rich food, rich culture, and ... an active volcano?

When first arriving in Antigua, "active volcano" aren't words one expects to hear. This is an island of the bluest waters, the whitest sands and some of the most iconic beach scenes anyone can imagine.

Get into the soundtrack of this beautiful, vibrant place. This is the sound of buskers on the port:

Antigua is downright gorgeous:

What's more, people often jump on helicopters and fling themselves toward an active volcano here. Upon hearing this, I immediately jumped at the chance.

Monserrat erupted in 1995, covering the (now formal) capital of Plymouth in ash so deep that it made the city utterly inhabitable afterward. I took 20,000-plus pictures for the below time lapse video, some of which show the view from the helicopter of the ruins.:

Both Antiqua and Monserrat are good lessons on the resiliency of humans here in the islands. For over a hundred years people here have thrived in a place where nothing is available lest it arrive by air or boat. Thus far, Antigua seems to offer the most bang for the Eastern Caribbean dollar in the areas of scenery, and it being just big enough to offer options for entertainment beyond baking on the beach and eating. I give it a big, tan thumbs up!

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