Best North Carolina memes for 2014 (so far)


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It's been awhile since we presented you with the top North Carolina memes. Here's the second iteration because the first one was just so damn good.

1. The great snowstorm meme of February wins the No. 1 spot because not only was it hilarious, it birthed lots and lots of similar ones. Memes on memes on memes!

2. Did you know that it's illegal to co-habitate, bed or otherwise "lewdly and lasciviously associate" with a member of the opposite sex if you're unwed, according to NC General Statute § 14-184? Better start marrying your fuckbuddies, y'all!

3. Just funny if you say it out loud.

4. Education, schmeducation. Get back in the kitchen!

5. There's a snowflake coming! Get your bread, milk, eggs and beer before the storm because it could be days before you can leave the house!

6. Submitted without comment because sports fanatics are, well, fanatical.

7. Watch out, now! North Carolina women are still armed with motorcycle vaginas and are still pissed off at you, Gov'na.

8. Ain't no party like contra dance party coz North Carolina don't stop!

9. This.

10. Need we say more?

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