Growing up and liking it



I didn't want to say anything before because of Murphy's Law of Children. You know, the law that says: Thou shall not brag about anything your children are doing lest you want them to immediately stop doing it. But it's been over a month now, so I think it's finally safe for me to announce from the bloggity mountaintops that:


That's right! I am getting eight hours of sleep on the regular. There are no more 2 a.m. nursing sessions in my house. A 28-inch long human is no longer taking up all the space in my bed and relegating me to the furthest corner of my king sized mattress. I can fully enjoy an evening out (or in) without worrying about the baby waking up and cramping my style.

Life as a family of four is starting to fall into place.

Sleeping through the night isn't the only milestone baby Pau has reached over the last few months. He is crawling all over the place, pulling himself up, eating all the things and calling me "ma ma." I think it's safe to say that my second born is decidedly no longer an infant.

Pau, 8 months old
  • Pau, 8 months old

This is the part where I feel like I'm supposed to wax nostalgic about how he's growing up so fast and I need to hold on to these moments while they last, but to be perfectly honest, I'm really excited about him getting older. Yes, babies are cute with their chubby thighs and their inimitable fresh baby scent (the one that emanates from the top, not their bottoms), but they are also pretty freaking boring. They don't talk, they sleep, like, 18 hours a day, and they are capable of being mindlessly entertained by a crumpled up old grocery store receipt.

These days, I find myself fantasizing about curling up on the couch to read a book to my two boys without having one of them try to eat it. I want us to be able to go the circus or to the movies as a family without having to plan out the least conspicuous exit route in my head should the baby start screaming. I dream of family game nights and knock-knock joke-a-thons.

I realize that we still have a while left before all of those things are possible, but with each passing day Pau is inching away from babyhood and becoming a fun, aware, interactive member of our family. Today I can say with confidence, and a clear, well-rested head, that the best is yet to come.

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