Lunch Break (9/30/15): Clodfelter and Roberts face off following lying allegations


Democratic mayoral candidates Jennifer Roberts and Dan Clodfelter faced off in a debate this morning that was broadcast on WFAE's Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins. The two discussed topics such as the I-77 toll lanes, Food Truck Friday relocating following the proposed development at its current location, a mixed-use development coming to the historic Cherry neighborhoods which is opposed by long-time residents there and other topics. The campaign recently turned negative in the lead up to a run-off on October 6, with both camps claiming the other candidates have lied about their respective records. 

The longest North Carolina General Assembly session in over a decade came to an end after 4 o'clock this morning, and lawmakers will not return to session until April. Lawmakers did remove last-minute, controversial changes to Senate Bill 279 that would scale back municipalities' powers to pass ordinances regarding affordable housing mandates, changes to minimum wage or non-discriminatory business practices. 

A CMPD officer shot and killed a fox near a Steele Creek middle school after it reportedly bit multiple children throughout the day. Police said the fox bit an 11-year-old girl as she was watching football practice at Kennedy Middle School and when police responded, it tried to attack them as well. an officer shot and killed the fox and it was disposed of by animal control. Later, police said they also believe the fox bit three preschoolers earlier in the day. 

A tropical storm named Joaquin was upgraded to a hurricane this morning, and experts believe it could heavily impact the North Carolina coast this weekend. Early this morning, Joaquin's maximum sustained winds were reported at 75 miles per hour. The path of the hurricane is still uncertain, but an expected turn over the weekend could potentially bring it to a landfall location near the Outer Banks. 

Officials are reportedly investigating an officer-inolved shooting at Richland Mall near Columbia, South Carolina this morning. Two police officers reportedly responded to a suspicious person call at the mall at about 8 a.m. and shots were fired shortly after. Officials have not said who was shot, but did say one person was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. UPDATE: Forest Acres police officer Greg Alia was reportedly killed in this morning's shooting. Police said they have the suspect in custody. 

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