'Ol' Bigot Bill' James a wellspring of racism following Michael Brown's death



Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James is known for speaking his mind, and lately, ol' Bigot Bill has been louder than ever.

When news broke that Ferguson police believed Michael Brown, the 18-year-old black man one of their own shot and killed, had been involved in a robbery shortly before he was killed - a conjecture made by a police department the governor of Missouri has essentially neutralized - James was ON IT. Here's what he wrote on Facebook:

internet explodes with info that Michael Brown (the 18 year old killed in Ferguson by the police) was the primary suspect in a store robbery shortly before where he is said to have attacked a store clerk and stole a box of cigars. After the theft, he then proceeded down the street where he had the incident with the police that led to his death. The police say that they believe he was the suspect and pulled him over. The police say that he attacked the police and tried to grab the officers gun. Not so 'gentle giant' after all.

James continued to agree with the Ferguson police.

Family of Michael Brown says disclosure of robbery report is 'devious' and that even if he did rob the store 10 minutes before the police shouldn't have shot him. Of course, it doesn't address whether Brown attacked the police officer (the police say that occurred), tried to grab the officer's gun (the police said that occurred).

And there's more! James doubts whether Brown was really college-bound, as has been reported, before he was shot and killed.

For some reason, the documents from the police show that Brown's Driver's License was expired. To me that is strange because he was said to be planning on going to college. I don't know how anyone could go to college without a DL.

I know plenty of people who went to college without a drivers license. Hell, I had a fake one until I turned 21.

Then, using that good ol' "he said it, and he's black!" excuse for racism, James posted a video of a black minister who went off on the violence in Ferguson. The status update he posted with the video: "Black minister blasts Black's, NAACP and Al Sharpton for causing the #ferguson riots. Black community calls him an 'uncle tom'. He said that Michael Brown and his friend were responsible for not following police orders."

Bill, pick on someone your own size - who's still alive.

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