CONTEST: You're so Charlotte if ...



Does Charlotte have an identity crisis? Are we still the proud papas of NASCAR? Are we a progressive town in a conservative state? Or do we hang our heads in shame as the city that foisted Pat McCrory onto the national political stage?

We want to find out how our readers define the Queen City nowadays, and what better way to do that than (inspired by a 25-year tradition at our sister paper Nashville Scene) to host a contest.

All you have to do to enter is complete this sentence:

You’re so Charlotte if _________________.

The best submissions will be printed in an upcoming issue of Creative Loafing for all of the city to see. Finally — an opportunity to share your wit with the masses. Remember to be as specific as possible — yes, we love our fried chicken, but so do the folks in that Southern town down the highway.

You’re so Charlotte if you’ve successfully learned how to navigate the Queens Road, Queens Road intersection.
You’re so Charlotte if you perpetually believe that THIS will be the year the Panthers finally win the Super Bowl.
You’re so Charlotte if you once wrote in Dale Earnhardt on the ballot for U.S. president.

Hit up the online form to submit your answers.

UPDATE: For real, you guys. Send your submissions via the the online form. Submissions left in the comments won't count toward the contest. The winner with the best YSCI entry will win tickets to our 2014 Best of Charlotte party, happening in October.

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