Live photos: Matrimony, Neighborhood Theatre (5/30/2014)


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Neighborhood Theatre
May 30, 2014

Charlotte's Matrimony performed at the Neighborhood Theatre on May 30 as a release party for the band's Columbia Records debut, Montibello Memories. Named after the street where singer/keyboardist Ashlee Hardee Brown and her brothers, drummer Jordan Hardee and multi-instrumentalist CJ Hardee, grew up, Hardee Brown noted the night was bittersweet as the home had been sold that very day.

As the band took the stage, smoke set off the building's fire alarm causing a premature evacuation of the venue into the NoDa streets. Soon after, singer/guitarist James Brown, Hardee Brown and CJ (with his banjo) were out front singing their song, "Flee or Fight," much to the delight of the attendees within earshot.

When the crowd finally filed back in, the band played a set filled with songs from the new album, as well as music from its two previous EPs.


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