CL's 'Five Days of Christmas': Wednesday



UPDATE: The winning email came in at 12:09 p.m. Check back here tomorrow at noon as we continue CL's Five Days of Christmas giveaway.

For your merriment, Creative Loafing presents its "Five Days of Christmas" giveaway this week. Every day, we will post a five-question quiz. The first person to submit the correct answers by email to will receive a prize. The answers to the questions can be found in our website archives, via stories published within the past six months. Monday and Tuesday's quizzes were relatively easy, but today they're a little harder - and the prize a little better. On Friday - when the questions will be the most difficult - players will be competing for a brand-new laptop (courtesy of Coretek).

Tuesday's Prize: $50 gift certificate to Orange Olive Hair Gallery in NoDa (Courtesy of Orange Olive Hair Gallery.)


1) What new Charlotte club opened with much fanfare in October?
a. 5Church
b. Butter
c. Osso
d. Label

2) Which of the following Charlotte writers recently published a book about the loss of a sibling?
a. Michael Sadoff
b. Tanure Ojaide
c. Judy Goldman
d. Paula Broadwell

3) What regular CL columnist suggested that the phenomenon of gay Republicans can be attributed to "self-loathing"?
a. John Grooms
b. Ailen Arreaza
c. Dan Savage
d. David Aaron Moore

4) What singer/songwriter's illustrious dad recently died?
a. Rosanne Cash
b. Martha Wainwright
c. Norah Jones
d. Sara Lee Guthrie

5) Where would you go in Charlotte to hear some of the latest exotic music in the comfort of Su Casa?
a. Pura Vida Wordly Arts
b. Dharma Lounge
c. Skandalo's
d. Loco Lime

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