'Occupy Charlotte: Restless,' a HuffPo video production


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A pair of Huffington Post reporters visited Charlotte a couple months ago to capture stories from the occupation as part of the online newspaper's Occupy Y'all Street series.

While here, reporters Jason Cherkis and Sara Kenigsberg visited with Vic Suter, who offers viewers a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of the Charlotte occupation.

Since the video was taken, Suter has moved on to Occupy DC, which is staging several protests that will take place in the nation's capital this week. Soon, she says, she will go on Occu-tour around the country, though she's vowed to return to the Queen City before the Democratic National Convention in September.

Creative Loafing's editor, Mark Kemp, is also featured in the video.

Watch the HuffPo video, "Occupy Charlotte: Restless," so named for a tattoo on Suter's shoulder, below:


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