Attention all record and music geeks!




Longtime local music fans and collectors remember the days when “record shows” would come through town every other month or so. Vinyl LPs, 45s, CDs, DVDs, promo materials, geegaws and musical curiosities — you name it, the record shows had it, and usually at great prices. Considering the renewed interest in vinyl LPs, and their higher national sales figures, it’s a surprise that Charlotte hasn’t seen a record show for quite a while. Well, for those of us who love nothing better than looking through bins and bins of albums, CDs and the rest, and talking to other music fanatics about our own obscure tastes, the wait is over. The Carolina Record and CD Show takes place tomorrow, Saturday, July 30 near Carowinds. The show will run from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. at the Plaza Hotel/Carowinds, on Foothills Hwy in Fort Mill. Admission is free.

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