Winehouse dodges the bullet



The diva’s not facing charges related to the photos in The British Sun Newspaper depicting her smoking a crack pipe. Amy Winehouse has been under the scope since January after the photos were released and was arrested last week for suspicion of possessing drugs. According to the Associated Press, her spokesperson announced Wednesday that police have concluded no further action is necessary for the 24-year-old singer.

Her father told Sun that as much as it tore him up to see her that way, maybe the exposure would finally give her the overdue realization that she needed to get herself together. In fact, she did go to rehab after the Sun stirred the pot. She now hopes to move past the matter, and is now considering a multi-million dollar book deal.

She dodged another bullet last month after she head-butted one man outside a London pub and punched another. She was “cautioned” by police after the alleged assault, meaning the incident is going on paper, but no charges were pressed in the matter.

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