'I was talking to the dog'



Guys, just to clarify, if you're out walking a dog and you hear a girl go, "Hey cutie!" or "Look how cute you are," chances are, she's talking to the dog, not you. Even if you're cute too ... and that it's abnormal that we baby talk to random animals.


As cute and cuddly as dogs are — they make for great snugglers that don't talk back — they are not fishing lures for women.

When I was a freshman at Virginia Tech, this guy would always bring a little puppy through the girls hall in the dorms so it would run into their rooms. This was a technique for kidnapping women's attention. Again, we like the dog, not you. And we feel bad for it — a dog is not a prop.

Are men really like dogs?

Actually, men are more like cats and women are like dogs, if you think about it. To be continued.