Bachelorette party or awkward family photo?



Seeing as how I'm on summer vacation, I'm going to actually not work, and by work I mean write a blog. Sorry! Technically it's a bachelorette party, but I have so many to attend each summer, I just write them off as what I get to constitute as summer vacation. It's my favorite thing about my friends getting married, as they result in vacations with the girls.

For our last bachelorette party over Memorial Day weekend, we had an ugly bridesmaid dress —slash— 80s prom. See:


No, I did not steal that from — that is my real awkward family photo. Because that's what those girls are, my family. And every time one of them gets married, I get another brother and the family gets bigger. I'll hand it to them — they've known me my entire life, know everything about me, and still like me.

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