Word to your mother


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I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day — the moms and non-moms alike. Like TuPac said, we appreciate ya mamas. And congrats to the non-moms, for not getting knocked up by a loser; that deserves a card from Hallmark as well.

Being a mother is the most important, toughest job there is. So just like a business honors an employee of the year, I'd like to honor a mother of the year.

You may remember my friend Leah, who, perfectly healthy, went in to give labor to her twin boys, but didn't come out of the hospital until three months later, with a new liver. She was cut too deep when given her C-Section and suffered internal bleeding aggravated by the common pregnancy disease, HELLP Syndrome. Well, she and her twin boys are doing much better — as are her two livers. They are one big happy family.

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In between taking rejection drugs and having to get continual biopsies done, Leah is keeping up with her two little men better than anyone I know could, even without having major organ transplant surgery.

Her advice to mothers: "Take a deep breath when you get frustrated, and teach your children to do the same. It helps calm everyone down. Aside from that, enjoy all the little things because it goes by faster than you can imagine, and you don't get those times back."

Leah will never get the first three months of her babies' lives back while she was hospitalized, but she doesn't complain about it. She just cherishes every moment she has, focusing on the time she gets, fretting not about the time she lost. And that, is why she is mother of the year!

And for all you non-moms not wanting to get knocked up by losers, might I suggest the best form of birth control not available on the market ... this.