Gold diggers: It's not always the wife



Girls that date "men of status" are labeled gold diggers — or jersey, cleat, racer, or some form of chaser. But what do you call a guy who only chases after models or women with status and a bank account?

I asked this on Facebook and got over 50 comments. Here are a few, separated by He Said, She Said:

She Said …

• Claim to fame douche mcallister

• Short

• Divorced

• Lonely

• Insecure

• Annoying

• Pathetic

• ”Beauty Diggers”

• Chester the Model Molester

• Football Players, Race Car Drivers, and Basketball Players

• Victim Pimps

• Alimony men


He Said …

• Normal

• Wealthy

• Smart

• Kevin Federline

• Grave diggers

• Ambitious

• David Spade

• "swinging for the fences"

• A man with a plan

• Dad *SMART!!!

... sadly, "smart" seems to be a reoccurring theme from men in this poll. Why do male "status seekers" get praised when women get deemed legal prostitutes?

Such as from the woman who left this comment: "These woman wouldn't be called gold diggers if they would quit looking for a free ride and pull their weight, more than just in the sack!!! How about being domestic and taking care if ur man?????? "

... apparently this women didn't understand the question.

What about men who only chase women for their looks or status — isn't that the same thing as a woman chasing after a man for his money? Can we just stick these booty barterers in the shallow end of life's pool and be done with it?

So, what do you call them?

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