The Match(making).com continues …



Weeks ago, acting as one sneaky intern, I went undercover and created my hectic boss a profile on What? Brittney’s average week involves one stacked agenda and various time zones — like she has time to date? So, that’s where I come in.

But after weeks of sifting through this single guy database, I’m beginning to realize that online dating is the equivalent of online shopping: seems much easier, until you get what you paid for and discover you probably should have tried it on in the store first.

I’m not prepared to give up, just yet. Let’s get back to Brittney’s fans; after all, attention should be paid to those “winking” romantics. Insert player two: RangersFan10

alan in the hangover

This blissful guy stands tall at 5’9” and could be the poster child for any dentist office around town with a smile more gum than teeth. Donning a casual look, dress shirt and simple black tie, so far I’m impressed. And he’s a Rangers fan? A baseball guy, I dig that … or at least I dig Josh Hamilton. Wait, I’m doing it again. This is for Brittney, This is for Brittney, This is for Brittney.

OK, RangersFan10 — what’s your story? Turns out, this Texas native is relatively new to Charlotte. He enjoys daily workouts and exploring new venues for music and art. Two points for the RangersFan, and nine photos, much better than our last go-round with InvestorUptown93.

But these nine photos have a reoccurring theme — humor. They include, but are not limited to: guy drinking beer from a plunger, guy dressed as Allen from The Hangover, and guy donning same casual outfit from above — add coveralls and toy gun to the ensemble.

Alright funny guy, are you always clowning around? The way to Brittney’s heart may very well be through laughter, but you gotta get through the intern first, and this one’s looking for someone at least career serious.

Maybe I should give this comedian the benefit of the doubt. Looks like he works in finance ... nice. But wait a second … does this say you weave lines from your comedy into the work place? So what, RangersFan10, do your stand-up routines run from 9-5 also?

And moving on…

— Jordan Bullington