The knight in shining armor vs. douchebag in tin foil


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How do you tell the difference? That is the question.

Knights and princes come in disguise these days. There's no white horse nor shining armor. But have no doubt, we all have one in store for us. Problem is, we're spending too much time kissing frogs and letting the douchebags conquer. So how do you tell the difference between the frog and the prince, and your knight in shining armor and the douchebag in tin foil?


Well ...

Does he ask you to lunch or to get drinks?

Does he help you fix your car, or not even offer to give you ride to shop?

Does he introduce you to his friends or does he blow you off for them?

Does he want to meet your friends or has he already tried to sleep with them?

Does he ask you what your plans are for the future or just later that night?

Does he text or does he actually call to correspond with you?

Does he care about your dreams or does he just want to sleep with you, before you drift off to dream?

Come to think of it ... it's really not that hard to tell the difference if you judge by his actions.

Lent starts tomorrow — I vote all the single ladies (aka princesses) give up frogs and douchebags in tin foil.


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