Styleascope: Virgo



Virgo: (Aug. 23- Sept. 22)

Styleascope is a lighthearted horoscope that puts a spotlight on local fashion. Believe it or not, Zodiac signs say a lot about a person. They speak to an individual's strengths, weaknesses, romantic attractions, values, desires and ... fashion sense? Yep! The stars can serve as a personal stylist, too. No sign is alike, so your wardrobes shouldn't be either. My aim is to blend fashion and the cosmos by providing a guide to show you what's in store at local boutiques (and why your sign is telling you to wear it). Instead of the runway, I'll use the stars as my guide. So, what's your sign?

Name: Katherine Cabanillas
Birthday: Sept. 1
Age: 22
Do you read your horoscope? “Sometimes, I used to read the MSN ones every day and they would freak me out. It’s crazy how related horoscopes can be to real life.”


The Virgo inherited its virginal aura from Astraea, the Greek goddess of innocence. Similarly, this earth sign is dominated by purity and honesty. It’s rare for a Virgo to be found behind a malicious or defiant act. Seemingly shy, Virgos simply tend to be grounded and perceptive, always observing and taking notes of their surroundings. You can always depend on the Virgo to keep calm and maintain clarity in any situation. Fashionably, the sign is drawn to elegant and detailed pieces. As far as fit, they usually stick with a tailored look to portray their analytical and practical qualities. They rarely opt for flashy or risque outfits and prefer classic designs. When it comes to color, a Virgo will most likely wear neutral colors like dark brown, navy blue and cream. Virgos keep a simple and neat closet and will never take a fashion risk. They’re not a fan of trends and are always faithful to their own sense of style. (Source:

All pieces from Vivian B, 3100 N. Davidson St.

Dress: Garcia, $130
Bracelets: $26