Photos: Resurrection: A Forum on Sustainable Fashion



Last night, The PPL hosted Resurrection: A Forum on Sustainable Fashion at Packard Place (an awesome space, by the way!). Seven local designers came out on stage to chat with host Mike Watson about their aesthetics, how they approach recycled fashion and gave details on how they created their looks. According to one statistic, the average American throws away 68 pounds of clothing and textiles a year.

Seeing as the Democrats are all about saving the Earth, the forum on sustainability was fitting for the day before the DNC began.

Designers showcasing their work included: Ana Dee of Moonshine Apparel, 13-year-old Katie Seeds, Caroline Cook Frers of Frock Shop, Cigi Guz with her Speakeasy Boutique, Andre Jarrid's The Style Monster, Caleb Clark of Enemy to Fashion and artist Flavia Lovatelli of Artesa.

From revamping pieces found at Goodwill to creating a chic, trendy garment out of tablecloth linens, the lesson of the evening was simple: Recycle your clothing.

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