The Dilworth coffeeshop conundrum solved



A couple of months ago, I made a point to meet a new contact at the coffeeshop in Dilworth. Eight years in Charlotte and I'd never been to Dilworth Coffee — shameful! It turns out, as I pulled into the parking lot adjacent to Harris Teeter's, I actually still have not been to a Dilworth Coffee, as this shop was called Dilworth Espresso.

Last month, the Observer wrote about a legal battle between the quarter-century old Dilworth Coffee and Dilworth Espresso, which opened in July in the original DC storefront. A story like that lent itself to the obvious, awesome lede: "A fight is percolating between two Charlotte coffee purveyors over whether their names are so similar that customers will be confused."

Yes, as a thirsty coffee drinker that day in Dilworth, I was confused.

Today, the daily reports that both coffeeshops have dropped their suits, and the owner of Dilworth Espresso has agreed to change the business' name to Kenilworth Espresso.

Whew! Thank goodness. I'm happy to support any business who will caffeinate me, but it's nice to know what I'm walking into.