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CL's signature hot dog is a hit!



Heads up, y'all: A little self-promotion.

In case you weren't around last week, JJ's Red Hots released Creative Loafing's signature hot dog, the Fear and Loafing. Fans of the Frank ate 241 Fear and Loafing dogs in one week - setting the record for most dogs of the week sold!

Missed out on this sweet and spicy deliciousness?! No worries. JJ's has inducted the Fear and Loafing dog into the Hall of Fame. Grab yours at JJ's!

The Fear & Loafing dog topped with bacon, crushed pineapple, Sriracha, seasoned house chips and cilantro. Best served while enjoying THIS VIDEO made by one of our staffers. Yes, one of our staff members owns a hot dog costume.

Available on the Hall of Fame menu
JJ's Red Hots in Dilworth
1514 East Blvd.

JJ's Red Hots in Ballantyne
15105 John J Delaney Drive

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