Top Movies About Animals

The movie industry certainly has a lot to offer. However, some movies are just not appropriate when you are searching for one to watch with the entire family. On the flip side, if you go for a movie about or with animals or pets, you cannot go wrong.

With these types of movies, you are bound to go on adventures, learn a few important lessons, as well as find a lot of love. Moreover, they are a great way to pass the time with your family and even your pets.

Lassie Come Home

For some of us, Lassie was perhaps the first dog we ever wanted to adopt. It is a 1943 classic set in Great Britain during the Depression. The 11-year-old Liz Taylor makes team with a lovable collie, named Lassie. Did you know that the original Lassie was actually played by Pal, a male dog? 

In the story, the family is forced to sell Lassie to a very wealthy duke. However, the bond between the dog and her family is so strong that it determines Lassie to set off on a perilous journey, so she can be reunited with her loved ones.

Lady and the Tramp

Looking back at this 1955 classic, you cannot be amazed by how well it is made. Also, there is a good chance that you will never look at a plate of paste the same way after seeing the two adorable dogs slurp the same noodle right up their noses. The scene is so famous that it has been used over and again in many movies and commercials. 

This cartoon is about a lovable story in which Tramp meets a beautiful cocker spaniel whose home life gets turned upside down. It is now up to her canine friend to get her back where she belongs. 

101 Dalmatians

“Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil, if she does not scare you, then no one else will”... Could there possibly be a more heinous wicked woman than this Disney villain? She is certainly a lot of trouble for the two dalmatians who fall in love and have a litter of lovable puppies. 

This evil lady has her mind set to make coats out of the adorable canines and hires help to kidnap all the puppy dalmatians in the area, including the couple's puppies. The two loving parents set off on an adventure to rescue their babies and get so much more in return. Not to mention for their owners!


The beautiful relationship between a boy and a dolphin has been loved by thousands of kids since the 60s when the movie was made. Sandy is a young boy who lives in Florida with his family. He gets to nurse a dolphin back from injury, whom he names Flipper. 

The boy's father is a fisherman and does not appreciate his son's new friend as the dolphin is a competition for fish in the local waters. It is up to Sandy to persuade his grumpy father to allow him to keep his new friend as a pet.


Who can possibly forget the huge St. Bernard and all the comedic misadventures of his owners as they do their best to raise Beethoven? It is the story of a numerous family with kids of all ages who find a baby St. Bernard. 

You know how kids are - they immediately wanted the dog to be part of their family but the unwilling father was dead set against it. Of course, power is in numbers, and they get to keep the dog. 

Even the father slowly gets to love him. Of course, not before the canine shakes off his very dirty coat inside the house. This movie reminds us of what a serious chore raising a dog actually is. But it also shows us the benefits and why it is totally worth the trouble.

Making movies with animals

After watching such movies, one cannot help but wonder how it is like to actually make them. Animals do not understand that this is their job, and they are paid to follow a script. Moreover, they cannot tell you if they are not feeling alright or if something hurts. By the way, if you are looking for specific food for your dog, you can see what is recommended by

On the other hand, animals do not have outrageous requirements just because they are famous actors. So, is it harder to work with people or with animals?