Meet the host— Miilo! Marlene D’Silva, best known as “Miilo” (pronounced my-low) is a Painter, Art Instructor and Content Creator. Born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E., she moved to Charlotte, N.C. in 2016 to pursue her dreams and passion for art. In May 2020, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelors in Art and now works as a full-time Artist and a part-time Art Instructor at City Art Room. She began her journey as an artist at the age of 5 and despite all the challenges life has to offer in the struggle of being a South Asian Painter, she never gave up! Her goal has always been to share her art with the world. She uses her art style to celebrate the female form, in an attempt to encourage and empower others, especially the youth and women!

Fast forward to 2021 amidst a global pandemic, COVID-19 didn’t stop this artist from pushing through and into the digital world by creating a show on IGTV Live called “The Paint Party” alongside with co- host Keenan D’Abreo! The show airs every Monday and Wednesday at 2pm EST

The Paint Party is a LIVE Painting Session where you can kickback and chill with your favorite artists while discovering new music, art and meeting new creatives! The main goal of ‘The Paint Party’ is to serve as a platform for up-and-coming artists, and most importantly, to share their artwork with the world! In addition, the show supports playing music from independent and local musicians! Over the course of 7 episodes, The Paint Party has featured artist guests from different countries and cities such as Toronto, London, New York and Charlotte!

Miilo believes it is important to shine light upon unseen talents by showcasing creators in their respective space— to be able to create art live in front of an audience, chat with other creators and vibe to independent musicians all the while remaining in the comfort of one’s space!


“Going on IG Live and painting can be nerve wracking in front of thousands of people,” she reveals. “But what I love and enjoy the most about it is the rawness that is highlighted throughout the livestream! Every creator is free to express themselves as they should!”

The Paint Party is more than a show. It is a creative space, an audience’s learning ground and an opportunity for art lovers to gain insight into the minds of their favorite creator!

Explore the world of Miilo’s Art ; you can support your local artists all with the push of a button!

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