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A whirlwind of spinners at DJ Fest



Who said there can only be one DJ at a party— not the EpiCentre!

Here to dominate Charlotte is eight of the most popular DJs. This Saturday June 18, dbraun Promotions is throwing the Inaugural Summer DJ Fest at the EpiCentre.


Four world-wide known turntable geniuses will come together for a huge mind-blowing string of performances: the trendy west coast sounds of DJ RJ Spinher; the fast mixes of DJ Enferno; as it says in the press release, "three-time winner of the Clubworld Best VJ Award, DJ Roonie G"; and high-profile party spinner, DJ Mateo.

The DJ Fest will be made up of a main set where all DJs will perform, including a soundtrack by local popular DJs including DJ RWonz, DJ Dirty, DJ RED, and DJ Rowshay. After the concert, the party continues at all the hot spot clubs in the EpiCentre where each international DJ will have their own individual party set.

DJ RJ Spinher will move to Kazba, DJ Enferno is spinning at Suite's Third Anniversary Party, DJ Roonie G is performing at Whiskey River and DJ Mateo will bring it down at Mez.

The main performance will be from 7 p.m.-11 p.m. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at PavilionAtEpiCentre.com and EpiCentreNC.com or at each party location. Tickets include admission to the Pavilion rooftop performance as well as the four club parties.

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