Night review: Tilted Turkey Open Bar party



The Deal: At Tilt (Is it a sports bar, dive bar, nightclub? Who knows!) on Saturday night, The “Social Flockers” (who use the title as an excuse to simply flock, socialize, drink, and drink some more) met at the “3 in 1 spot” to have some “Flocker “ fun.

The Good: The crowd was all smiles (but who wouldn’t be with an open bar in sight?) There wasn’t a dull face to be seen on any Flocker in the gaggle. Ladies, gentleman, boys and girls … they all partied until they couldn’t party any more (or at least until the open bar ran dry.)

The Bad: Well, unless you enjoy having the shoulder room of an airline passenger … you wouldn’t have been thrilled with the amount of room in the place. It could have been the free drinks that had them “flocking” to the bar … but it caused too much congestion there and not enough action on the dance floor.

The Verdict: This group definitely owes up to be the “fun, drama free, and down to earth” characters they say they are. There were absolutely no cat fights, drink throwing or other shenanigans all night (way to go, Charlotte!). Tilt is a hidden treasure in the Uptown nightlife scene.

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