There's no worse feeling than the moment you watch your phone drop (accidentally, of course) into a glass of water or to feel it flip its way out of your back pocket and into somewhere worse: the toilet. Enter NeverWet:

So many questions come to mind! has the best commentary on the whole thing:
Couple questions left unanswered:
A) What does it taste like?
B) What does it feel like?
C) How much cancer will it give me, and how quickly?
D) What happens if you get it on your hands and then you want to wash it off your hands? Will you be NeverWet forever?
5) If you spray the inside walls of a glass tumbler with NeverWet but not the inside base of that tumbler, and then you fill up the tumbler with water or with another liquid of your choice, like mustard, will it form a mustard tower inside the tumbler? Can you take a photo of the mustard tower and send it to us very soon?
It's $20 and available to the public.

I'm immediately compelled to coat everything I own in NeverWet. While I won't do that (today), if anyone actually does this to their phone or other tech (which I do not recommend doing) please shoot me an email and tell me your experience!

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Teaser image is a screenshot by Desiree Kane.

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