VIDEO: Erick Lottary Drops New Visuals for "Ball Is Life"

From hoops to the hotel



Charlotte rapper Erick Lottary dropped the first visuals from his upcoming You Can Tell EP today, a video that mixes basketball and the suite life with anime.


In "Ball Is Life," Lottary can be seen rapping on the basketball court at Latta Park in Dilworth, then balling out in a different way in the Punch Room at the Ritz-Carlton in Uptown. An intense scene from the Japanese sports manga series Kuroko's Basketball cuts between the live-action settings, contrasting Lottary's laid-back stance while he displays his wordplay on the track: "They sleepin' on me like a white linen/ You finally cookin' I just finished dinner."

"Ball Is Life" is Lottary's first single from You Can Tell, and can be found on Spotify, iTunes and Deezer. The song was first played publicly when Lottary dropped by as a guest of CL's 'Local Vibes' podcast in February. Check that spot out below.

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