VIDEO: Nige Hood Tells Why He's Playing BLA/ALT on Oct. 21


In the lead-up to the Black Alternative Rock Festival, or BLA/ALT, at Camp North End on Oct. 21, Creative Loafing has asked some of the artists to talk about why they're playing the event and what it means to them. Today, Nige Hood of Nige Hood & the Folk Rap Band, fills us in on the importance of the festival.

But first, watch this clip for the song "McLuven," from Hood and the Charlotte band Blu House, another act scheduled to play at BLA/ALT.

"BLA/ALT is a milestone of many years of hard work and effort, not only for LeAnna Eden, its creator, but also for the hundreds of thousands of young 'Black Alternatives' in this city," Hood says. "BLA/ALT is helping us redefine to the world what is art, what is American and very much what is human."

As for Hood, "I am playing BLA/ALT because this is an opportunity to promote what myself and my friends have been doing all our lives. We've always been eager creators, determined not to be boxed in by society's assumptions."

Hit up Nige Hood on Twitter:  @NiGEHOOD. And follow BLA/ALT for more info on the fest: @bla_altCLT

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