MUSIC PREMIERE: Listen to Th3 Higher's Brand New 'Seed of Life' EP



As promised in our story last week on Charlotte rappers Th3 Higher, CL premieres the group's brand new EP, Seed of Life.

"We fully believe that once the truth meets hip-hop, the world will change," says Th3 Higher's Tizzy. "We decided to encapsulate all of our lessons into seven songs and present to you, our listeners, the lessons that we have learned over the last year and a half. We've lost three computers, moved from place to place to place, dropped acid in ATL after driving 12 hours from Akron Ohio, fallen in and out of love and even found time to expand our consciousness. We've had a wild ride and its only getting started. #SoLEP is our creation story."

Enjoy the ride.

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